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Want a new home built or renovations made to your current one? You can rely on our home remodeling contractors. Residential construction is a specialty of ours

The Pioneer Valley is a melting pot of styles and cultures, and Construct Associates, Inc. strives to blend the design sensibilities of our diverse clientele with the high-quality of design and construction that has always been our hallmark.

The best home contractors provide a tangible reason to work with them; We ‘walk the walk’ so to speak. We do this by showcasing our work to the world. As you can see below, we have a wide array of home construction projects involving both new and remodeled properties.

We have streamlined our process over the past 30 years to increase efficiency, budgets, facilitate the design process, and set realistic timelines for project completion. Furthermore, we collaborate with subcontractors and suppliers for the highest-quality materials at discount prices and workmanship that will exceed your expectations, due to the combined buying power of our unique partnership.

Home remodeling contractors / residential construction: What sets Construct Associates apart from the rest:

  • We prepare for each project to the fullest extent. This includes any documentation needed by the town, preparation for every room of the project, and the overall outline of what elements of the build is undertaken first.
  • We consider professionalism, neatness, and organization when working inside on remodeling projects. This includes covering and protecting furnishings when applicable. The strive to leave no trace behind and to create as little impact as possible.
  • We have a positive reputation in the Pioneer Valley of Western Massachusetts and affiliations with the National Association of Home Builders and Home Builders & Remodelers Association of Western Massachusetts. We are fully licensed and insured as well.

If you are searching for home contractors near you because you need a professional approach to a remodel or build project in Western Massachusetts, then you need to reach out to us today. Use our online contact form or call us directly: 413-584-1224.